The 2013 GRC Technology Innovator awards was filled with competition.  The number of submissions more than doubled over 2012.  With 57 submissions there were only twelve slots for winners.  GRC 20/20 looked through all of the submissions, asked for clarification where needed, and selected the 12 recipients to receive this honor.

Number 2 is Riskflo’s Discovery™ which showed technology innovation for risk collaboration: socializing risk in the enterprise.

Riskflo’s Discovery™ platform addresses the fundamental challenge of capturing, integrating and sharing the knowledge of how a risk behaves.  This knowledge is fragmented across the organisation, business processes and from management to the ‘coal face.’  Riskflo’s suite of applications provide a new approach to risk workshops and facilitation so that the knowledge locked away inside the heads of those that are closest to business process and risk are captured.  Riskflo has moved beyond risk voting tools to support a rich interactive discussion between facilitator and participants in an environment where participant identity can firewalled. Riskflo address the core problem of eliciting and aggregating expert opinion from multiple participants – navigating cognitive and behavioral bias through technology that delivers risk facilitation, group learning, knowledge elicitation and group estimate aggregation methodologies.  This approach transforms the quality of the risk assessment information while providing a rich and engaging experience for both facilitator and participants alike.  Riskflo has developed a new paradigm for engaging all levels of the organization in risk management activities in a deep and lasting way and in the process providing a means to transform the risk management culture.


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