Your organization could be at risk because of the scattered and disconnected approaches of past compliance information and processes. To prevent unanticipated risk exposure, your organization may require a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that takes into account a thorough understanding of the state of your environment.

So how do you get your GRC house in order?

GRC 20/20 will answer just that in presentation that will examine why organizations need to develop a strategic plan to manage GRC information and processes, and how to put a plan in place. Topics will include:

  • Managing Scattered GRC Information
  • How isolated risk and compliance initiatives introduce greater risk
  • Why siloed GRC information and processes are ineffective
  • Fundamental Steps to Establishing Your GRC Strategy

After an organization has accomplished these steps, it is then ready to think of GRC technology platforms that align to the needs of the organization instead of retrofitting a GRC strategic plan into a system that may not be the right one for the organization.

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