ANNOUNCEMENT: GRC 20/20 is accepting nominations for the 2013 GRC Technology Innovation Awards.

To nominate a technology solution – please download the form.

The GRC Technology Innovation Awards are to recognize technologies that are revolutionizing Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC).  Please understand what it is NOT:

  • The purpose of these awards is NOT to recognize how one product has a better feature or feature set than another.
  • It is NOT to recognize competitive differentiators.
  • It is NOT like a Forrester Wave or Gartner Magic Quadrant.

The awards are given to vendors that show something truly unique, game changing, and revolutionary to the GRC space or some aspect of it.  Just another me too or we are better than the rest type of submission will not cut it and will quickly go to the digital trash bin. It has to be truly game changing, fresh, new, innovative, and exciting.  It is exactly what it states to be a TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION award.  We want to award vendors that are thinking outside of the box to boldly take GRC where no vendor has taken GRC technology before.

Please submit nominations by December 17, 2012.  Nomination forms will be reviewed.  If follow-up information is needed – Corporate Integrity will contact you.  Awards will be announced to vendors in January so that coordinated announcements/press releases can go out in late January.  Multiple vendors can receive this award – the only qualification is that you have to convince me (Michael Rasmussen) that it is game changing and innovative.

Please attach to your email submission of this form any relevant screen shots, technical details, product briefs, or even video clips/simulations.

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