Good research and information is the core of a successful strategy. As organizations seek to understand how their corporate compliance program stacks up against others it is necessary to get good data. Good data allows you to compare the direction of your current corporate compliance initiatives to others.

To compliance officers/managers understand how their programs stack up, Corporate Integrity invites individuals who are responsible for managing a compliance program to participate in a survey being undertaken by OCEG Fellow & CCEP – Michael Rasmussen of Corporate Integrity, LLC.

If you are responsible for managing compliance within an organization Corporate Integrity invites you to do two things (preferably both):

1 – A personal phone interview. If Corporate Integrity could have a half-hour of your time to ask you some open-ended questions about the trends, directions, and technology needed to execute on your compliance strategy it would be appreciated. In fact, Corporate Integrity will return the favor by offering an additional 30 minutes for you to ask questions on best practices and approaches Corporate Integrity is seeing in its research of successful corporate compliance strategies.

2 – Online web survey. Please take the related online survey 2010 Compliance Trends & Directions.

All those who take the survey will get a summary report in the next few weeks so they can compare how their program, trends, direction, and approach stacks up against others. Any data you contribute to the online survey or phone interview is held as confidential and is used in aggregate – your company will not be identified in the report.

For more information contact:
Michael Rasmussen, J.D., CCEP & OCEG Fellow
Risk & Compliance Lecturer, Writer, & Advisor
Corporate Integrity, LLC
[email protected]

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