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Tag: GRC Strategy

Quick Start to a GRC RFP

The GRC market is a broad market with a variety of segments. It is not all about Enterprise GRC Platforms. In fact, only about 25% of the inquiries GRC 20/20 gets from organizations are for Enterprise GRC strategies and platforms. A good 75% of the market is aimed at solving department and specific regulatory or risk area needs. There are over 700 technology solution providers in the GRC market across 16 primary market segments. In addition to this there are over 90 GRC intelligence (content) providers offering over 350 GRC intelligence solutions of various capabilities.

The challenge is: how do you find the right GRC solution for your organization?

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Considerations When Purchasing GRC Solutions

Over the next few months I will be doing a regular series of posts on buying considerations in different areas of GRC. However, before getting into specific areas, I want to share considerations organizations should have when looking at any type of GRC related solution. The guidance provided below is applicable whether you are looking for something very narrow such as occupational health & safety, or very broad such as enterprise GRC platforms.

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