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Increased Pressure to Control Spreadsheets and Documents

Pervasiveness of End User Computing Brings Risk Use of end user computing applications such as spreadsheets, emails, and other document types has revolutionized how technology creates value for organizations. However, this brings a significant challenge to govern and control information and technology in a distributed and dynamic environment. Organizations are facing increased pressures from regulators […]

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ELM Solutions Passport® GRC: An Enterprise Platform that Integrates Legal and GRC

Exponential change in regulations, risks, organization operations, business relationships, and legal matters encumbers organizations of all industries and size. Organizations require complete situational awareness of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) across operations, processes, and relationships to see the interconnectedness of risk and its impact on the organization. Dissociated data, systems, and processes leaves the […]

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Unified Compliance Framework®: Agility through GRC Intelligence

Lacking a harmonized view of requirements and obligations across areas of regulations, standards, and controls results in scattered approaches that behave like leaves blowing in the wind. The volume of changing requirements impacting organizations requires a new paradigm for tackling the mapping and integration of requirements to control. No longer can organizations afford to focus […]

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A Global Security & Asset Protection Organization's Approach to Access Management

Research Abstract Business processes and technology change at a rapid pace. In the context of change, internal controls over financial reporting, regulatory requirements (e.g., SOX), internal and external auditors, and fraud risk put increased pressure on corporations to ensure ERP systems are secure and access control risks are managed in the context of a dynamic […]

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