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Mastering SAP OnAir

2021-07-27 2021-07-29 Australia


Brave and inspiring – and meticulously researched – Mastering SAP is not your average conference. 

We’re bringing the thriving Mastering SAP community together online – 1000+ people, 3 days, 90+ hours of brilliant content and a plethora of unrivalled networking opportunities – to celebrate the talent, innovation and ideas literally transforming the way we work



At the heart of Mastering SAP is a fundamental belief in the power of people. It’s this spirit of community that encourages people to break through barriers, engage in brave conversations and form lasting relationships. Where minds and hearts open, and communities of common interest thrive.



90+ hours of meticulously researched content. Served to you via novel channels and discovery-learning formats. Featuring SAP customers, partners, leadership experts, neuroscientists and change managers. Celebrating the talent, innovation and ideas that are literally transforming the way we work.



1000+ SAP customers, partners and experts. Sharing valuable knowledge, learning new ways and making meaningful connections. Creating a powerful and vibrant networking environment, and a climate where ideas and people grow. Someone in this community has the answer to your greatest challenge. 

GRC 20/20 Presentation

GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen will be presenting on . . .


Governance, risk management & compliance (GRC) is something an organization does and not something an organization buys. GRC, done properly, is what is achieved throughout the business and its operations. By definition, GRC is “a capability to reliably achieve objectives [governance] address uncertainty [risk management] and act with integrity [compliance].”

This requires that GRC needs to be understood in the context of enterprise strategy, objectives, architecture and processes. Designing mature GRC processes that align with the organization requires an understanding of what the organization is about, how it operates, how it should be monitored and controlled. This is done through defining the right GRC process, information and technology architecture.

GRC by Design requires an enterprise/organization architecture approach to the organization and how it operates. This session aims to provide a strategy for attendees on effective enterprise GRC in a dynamic business, regulatory, and risk environment. Attendees will learn enterprise GRC strategies and techniques that can be applied across the organization.

Attendees will take back to their organization approaches to address:

  • GRC Strategy. Understand GRC in the context of organization performance, strategy, objectives, obligations, risks, as well as its culture and values.
  • GRC Processes. Flowing from strategy are the enterprise GRC processes integrated into the organization and how it operates. Enterprise GRC, done correctly, is part of the rhythm and cadence of the organization.
  • GRC Information Architecture. Defining an information architecture that enables enterprise GRC strategy and processes by providing 360° situational awareness of GRC in context of the organization strategy and operations.
  • GRC Technology Architecture. The necessary technology components needed to bring together diverse and distributed GRC departments and functions into an integrated information and technology architecture aligned with the strategy and operations of the organization.
Michael Rasmussen, GRC pundit
Michael Rasmussen

GRC 20/20 ResearchMichael Rasmussen – The GRC Pundit @ GRC 20/20 Research, Michael Rasmussen is an internationally recognized pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) – with specific expertise on the topics of GRC strategy, process, information, and technology architectures and solutions. With 27+ years of experience, Michael helps organizations improve GRC processes, design and implement GRC architectures and select solutions that are effective, efficient, and agile. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, and advisor and is noted as the “Father of GRC” – being the first to define and model the GRC market in February 2002 while at Forrester Research, Inc.

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