RESEARCH VIDEO: Policy Management Market Overview & Selection Criteria

The mismanagement of policies has grown exponentially within organizations. Left to ad hoc and manual processes policies become ineffective, out of date, and introduce significant liability to the organization. Policy managment solutions use technology to manage the policy lifecycle and provide a portal for the maintenance, communication, training, and administration of policies. The last two years has show a rising demand and interest in technology to manage policies. This research webinar will give attendees an overview of policy management solutions, how they benefit companies, and provide crtieria to consider when evaluating a technology solution or developing one internally

Attendees will be able to address the following items:

  • How technology enables effective policy management
  • What types of technology are out there to manage policies and which is more effective
  • Why do most internally developed systems fail for policy management
  • Who are the market leaders in policy management solutions
  • What differentiates policy management software vendors
  • Selection criteria for evaluating policy management solutions
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