GRC 20/20 Research Opinion

DoubleCheck, LLC (DoubleCheck) is a solution provider in the GRC market that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated. Through an adaptable end-to-end offering, DoubleCheck eases the burden by delivering operational effectiveness, efficiency and agility to GRC management processes.

GRC 20/20 Research finds DoubleCheck is ideally suited for organizations that need a platform to bring together risk, audit, compliance and control information across the business and its relationships. The DoubleCheck solution is adaptable to organizations across markets and sizes, though it focuses on sales and on companies head-quartered in North America.

Clients inteviewed by GRC 20/20 find the DoubleCheck solution adapts to the organization — its highly configurable solution shapes GRC processes to the organization’s needs. This includes the ability to rapidly implement a solution not tied to an extensive services engagement.

The core DoubleCheck solution delivers competitive capabilities across the GRC domains of audit management, compliance management, risk management, policy management, contract management, and third-party management.

DoubleCheck clients not only receive value from the product, but also are extremely happy with the organization that supports it. DoubleCheck is responsive to their clients.

In short, DoubleCheck delivers one of the most affordable yet fully competitive GRC offerings on the market.

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