Sound Advice Against Reckless Risk Taking

A respected friend, Charles Le Grand, recently posted this on a mailing list we belong to . . . 


It is a fundamental problem between risk takers and those who would constrain risk to a prudent level.  For example, many young people take stupid risks with their money, lives, and health and say “See. Nothing happened.  Why should I worry?  I have insurance.”  Similarly many people responsible for the assets of others are willing to risk them for the benefit of personal gain without due regard for their stewardship role.  So it engenders a culture of reckless risk taking and disregard for stewardship.  “Everybody is doing it.  That’s just the way it is.”  So we abandon prudence in favor of self governance.  And we quickly forget about the last time everybody got burned from such irresponsibility. . . 

. . . Those who would recklessly endanger themselves and others must be constrained for the overall good.  And our governance bodies must stop giving in to the siren call of fast and fabulous gains, and once again favor the value of steady progress.  We must learn to spot the signs of recklessness and deceit.  We must use the available tools to spot anomalies and reveal them for what they are – whether short lived phenomena or outright lies.


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