Achieving a Sustainable and Effective IT Risk & Compliance Program

IT departments scramble as they react to multiple initiatives demanding greater oversight of IT risk and compliance across IT infrastructure, identities, and information. The web of stakeholders with varying risk and compliance requirements appears to introduce a complex IT tug-of-war with opposing priorities. However, the scenario is not so gloom. There is significant redundancy in requirements, technologies, and processes across risk and compliance issues impacting IT. Sustainability of IT risk and compliance is achieved through defining common processes and technologies that different stakeholders can utilize for their individual requirements as well as for collaboration and sharing. Organizations need to be intelligent about what processes and technologies they deploy – the goal is to define once and comply with many regulations while managing a range of risks. The realm of risk and compliance is diverse with many intricacies and issues ready to frustrate the organization. This requires that the organization discover what they have in place, what they have to comply with, and then analyze the environment to identify what needs to change. Selecting the right technology vendors that provide the integration and enterprise control of risk and compliance is a critical step that organizations should not take lightly.

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